The future Saskatchewan oil market

Research paper worth 70% (10% for the draft outline, and 60% for the final paper) of Final Grade: You have the choice between two research paper topics as outlined in detail at the end of the syllabus. Your paper should be no more than 2,500 words in length (approximately 6-8 double-spaced pages) for the body […]


Importance of Studying Cultural Psychology

DISCUSSION: Part 2) Provide your perspective on the importance of studying Cultural Psychology, making reference (once each) to: a) the video “Cultural Psychology“, b) the article Out of the Lab and Into the World Click for more options c) the assigned readings from your text so far (Chapter 1/Chapter 2). NOTE: Word count – a […]


Geodetic Study of Rland

PRELIMINARY INFORMATION All questions relate to a geodetic study of Rland, a fictitious island. Rland is thought to be a geologically stable land mass in that there are no significant faults causing deformation between survey marks. However, the entire land mass is free to rotate and subside. Consider the geology as being similar to that […]


Reinforced Concrete and Construction Plans

Q1-recall Le Corbusier’s “Five Points of a New Architecture”: the pilotis, the roof garden, the free plan, the ribbon window, and the free facade. In your words, explain how you think reinforced concrete determined each of the five points. Answer with two or three sentences for each of the five points, describing the results of using […]


English 1A Textual Analysis Questions

Get a Custom Paper at today! Please use standard essay structure to write your essay. Make sure your introduction ends with afocused thesis sentence that clearly responds to the question. Then include body paragraphs thatdevelop your thesis, and a conclusion that unifies and closes your paper. Remember to includethe names of the authors and […]


Being Bilingual

Learning two or more languages can be beneficial to cognition in several ways. After reading the articles, sum up some of the major findings of research on being bilingual. For example, what advantages or disadvantages do bilinguals have? Given what you have learned about being bilingual this week, how do you think second language acquisition […]


Understanding Crime and Deviance through the sociological application of “Slavery By Another Name”

Sociological Application Paper Assignment: Understanding Crime and Deviance through the sociological application of “Slavery By Another Name”This is an application paper, where you are asked to connect and apply sociological theory and concepts to your understanding of the documentary “Slavery By Another Name”. You are to consult your text book and up to three (3) […]


Assignment 3a:FIELD GUIDE

Learning Objectives Covered CO2: Compose a presentation using classification as a pattern of development CO4: Credit sources used in a presentation Prompt Create a “field guide” for a topic for which you are an aficionado, but others may not realize is nuanced. Using classification as an organizational pattern, break the subject down into categories and […]


Social Inequality Assignment Soc 263

study of social inequality is broad and touches on many different, but interconnected aspects of our lives. Find an article in a prominent daily newspaper (Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, …) that fits into the study of social inequality. The focus of your paper will depend on the article you choose. The following questions may […]


Terrorism, Hate Crimes, and Racial Profiling

The challenge of terrorism against the United States has led the government to create the Department of Homeland Security with the hope of leveraging federal, state, and local police agencies as well as intelligence and immigration agencies to cooperate in communicating findings and creating joint efforts to stop threats of terrorism or confront a terrorist attack.The […]


PHIL 106: Final Exam

For each of the following problems, use the inference rules, replacement rules, indirect proof and/or conditional proof to derive the conclusion. 1) 1. W É (P v C)                        2. ~P                            3. W/C                         2) 1. T É O                      2. R v ~O                    3. ~R/~T                                  3) 1. (Q É ~J) É (M É ~D)                     2. Q É […]


Expository Essay

Q1-his exercise asks you to produce your own written representation of a building. In an expository essay of 750 words (or about 5 paragraphs), analyze Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion. In an expository essay, the writer explains an idea, theme, or issue using personal opinion and specific evidence in the form of examples, definitions, […]

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