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answer the question in 2 pages
the website is
they are both Mac and pc
What are the names /URLs of the websites/apps?
Are they for Mac or PC?

What are the costs associated with them?
Which essentials of reading do the websites or apps rehearse or teach and for what grade level
might they be appropriate?
How would you integrate them and use them in a literacy classroom?
What are the teacher controls and what data do they generate? Can teachers see which levels or
activities their students have completed and how successful the students were?
What are the benefits and drawbacks? Are they easy for teachers to use? Are they easy for children
to navigate? Can non-readers understand what to do with minimal teacher explanation?
What are the benefits and drawbacks in terms of the approach to teaching the essentials of
reading? How clear or confusing is the instruction? For example: Is the picture for the short vowel
“e” a picture of an Eskimo, which might be confusing for some students or is it an egg, which might
be more universally recognizable?
Are they accessible to all learners?
What features do they have that make them universally accessible, if at all? Do they have a “sound
feature” that reads to users? Do they have text and sound?
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you must also include current research ( not more than five years old ) from a peer-reviewed journal
(not a website, not a blog, and not a newspaper article). You must cite this research using APA
format and quoting from the research, showing how it supports your choice of these two websites
or apps. Do not simply find an article that supports the integration of technology. The research you
cite must be specific to reading and technology. Your video presentation should be no more than 10
minutes. You may create two separate videos or combine your presentation into one video. You will
upload two items to Canvas to be graded: one 2-4-page written portion and the video. Your
professor should be able to see what students actually do on the websites or apps in the video.
This means that you may have to create a free or trial account to log into the site or app. See the
rubric for expectations and grading.


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