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Instructions: Read the following passage. Answer the question following the passage. Respond to
the question in 5-7 complete sentences. Order a Paper Now
As Oscar and Max were finishing dinner, Max asked:
“Have you figured out what you’re going to use for presentational aids in your speech next week in
Professor Gilman’s class? I’m totally stumped.”
Oscar replied, “Yeah, I am so ready and actually pretty pumped about mine.”
“What are you going to use?” inquired Max.
“Well, you know I’m going to try to persuade the class to agree with me that the death penalty is
wrong. Well, I got a hold of an audio clip of someone writhing in pain during an execution. I’m going
to play it while I show several photographs of people who have been executed. THAT should really
make my speech memorable and my argument convincing!”
“Yikes,” exclaimed Max. “Are you sure that’s such a good idea?”
“Yeah, why not?” Order a Paper Now
Is it ethical to use potentially offensive presentation aids if doing so will make your speech more
memorable or your argument more convincing? Why or why not?


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