Question: Aviation history

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  1. Choose an aviation article that interests you. These must be from the links below.
  2. The article must be recent (within the past 60 days), and should be at least a ³⁄

There must be enough content to write about, as described in step 3. 3. Provide a basic summary
in essay format of the article that includes your thoughts on what you read. Be sure to include
topics you learned about in
class (from AVN101 or other classes) and relate them to the article.
• An essay always has an introduction paragraph, a main body for the
discussion, and conclusion.
o Introduction – What the topic of the article is, and why you
chose it
o Body – the summary of the article, in your own words
o Conclusion – What you learned, and what you’d like to know more about in the future, and
possible topics we previously
discussed in class (or another class)

  1. Check your submission for spelling and grammar. Mistakes will result in loss
  2. of points.
  3. Submit your essay summary via Blackboard Article Summary Assignment by
  4. the due date posted for the assignment.
  5. • Submit the article summary as an attachment through the Attach Files
  6. option on the assignment page.
  7. o Donotsenditasalinktoanonlinedocument(Googledocs,etc.),
  8. and do not paste it in the comments section.
  9. Paste the link to the article you summarized at the bottom of your .docx
  10. document. Use the tabs along the top to find articles related to aircraft,
airports, technology and security, airlines, etc This provides international aviation news among multiple segments of
the industry and includes business/corporate and defense aviation. This source has articles on the
freight/cargo industry as a whole, however, this link directs you to the aviation segment of cargo


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