Question: Communication Outline

Resources: Scottsdale Police Department Strategic Plan, Week 3 individual assignment: Strategic Plan Evaluation (they will be under the attachments)


You are a strategy leader with the Scottsdale Police Department and your role is to communicate the details, accomplishments, progress, and concerns of the strategic plan to all stakeholders.

Review your Week 3 individual assignment – Strategic Plan Evaluation for possible details to include in your communication outline.

Write a 525- to 700-word (more than 700 words is acceptable) APA-style outline (not a narrative paper) for communicating the Scottsdale Police Department’s Strategic Plan internally and externally. Your information must be detailed and specific. Headings for outline sections should be the same as the objectives given in the assignment. For example: if the objective says, “Summary of main issues,” the outline heading for that section should say the same thing.

Include the following in your outline:

Introduction – (no more than two or three sentences)
Identify ways to communicate the strategic plan to internal and external stakeholders; make sure you identify stakeholders for both groups and how you will communicate the plan to different stakeholders. There should be a variety of ways to communicate, including electronic, documentary, and verbal. Do not use these terms; identify specific means of communication.
Summary of main public safety issues being addressed in the plan and why they are a concern to the public – many are listed in the planning document
Influence of stakeholders from each group – contributions to the planning process each group brings to the table
Potential detractors (insufficient funding is a limitation, not a detractor, and criminals are not detractors) to the plan. Detractors are people or groups who might disagree with or object to the plan, and explain how or why they disagree or object
Conclusion – (no more than two or three sentences)


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