Question: Corporate social responsibility

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Company – Royal bank of Canada
instructions 1. What is CSR, how it relates to ethics, and why it’s important for both corporations
and the society? (300-400 words)

  1. Explore the CSR and/or Sustainability approaches of the selected corporation and explain the
    areas of its policy and practice. Explore the social and environmental issues in the relevant industry
    (300-400 words)
  2. In your opinion; how does CSR contributes to the overall objective of the selected corporation and
    what outcomes it has for its business? (300-400 words)
  3. In your opinion; what is the main motivation for the selected company to adopt and practice
    CSR? (300-400 words)
  4. Is there any link between ethical policies of the selected company and the principles of United
    Nations’ Global Compact (UNGC)? Please explain. (300-400 words)


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