Question: Cultural Significance Paper

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• You will choose one piece of art (visual, performance, culinary, etc.) that you feel represents your
and/or has had a significant impact on your culture. (Romania) – focus more on the culture then the
o The piece of art needs to be specific. For example:
▪ a certain sculpture
▪ or ballet/opera/play, or a famous performance of one of these
▪ a specific painting
▪ a book everyone has read
▪ the line from a movie that everyone knows
▪ a commercial that everyone quotes
Research the artist and the inspiration for the piece of art.
• Research to learn more about how it has impacted your culture or how experts think it represents
your culture.
• Find a good quality photograph of this piece of art to include in your paper.
• You will write a paper about how this piece of art represents your culture.
In your paper, include the following IN THIS ORDER
o A definition and description of your culture
o A photograph of your chosen art piece
o A description of the art, who this artist is, and the inspiration for the art
▪ this will require some research
o An explanation of the significance and impact of this art on your culture
▪ this will require some research
*you need to do some research: how experts think it has impacted the culture? has anybody written
something about this or researched it and also to research the artist that created this ( was a group
or a single one; what was their inspiration or how did culture inspired them to create this piece of
art, what they are trying to express? *


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