Question: Cybersecurity

Due in two weeks after assignment—must upload.

This is an individual homework and no teaming is allowed.

Go online and find 5-10 papers that are published between 2015-present on the topic of wireless penetration testing tools. Collect information about published software tools such as Aircrack.  Report what you have discovered in a paper that is roughly 2000 words. Include a set of references at the end of the report.

Here are a few useful search engines:

Advanced Google SerachGoogle scholar (documents)Microsoft Academic SearchiSeek (Books, Videos, documents)RefseekCiteseer (Penn state’s paper indexing)
arXiv (Cornell’s science DB)

You must use multiple, fully published sources and cite them all. Your references must have complete details including authors, date, title, book, conference, or journal details, and a legal publisher. Do not give links or silly sources like “google” or “Wikipedia” as your reference. All in text citations and discussions to references must correspond 1-1.

Rubric used for Homework


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