Question: Describe The Differences Between Individualistic And Collectivistic Cultures.

Create a 12 slide PowerPoint presentation to describe the differences between individualistic and collectivistic cultures. Discuss one sub-group, such as ethnicity or religion, and explain how those differences can affect expressions of personality and how your understanding of them can improve your interactions with others. (no pictures needed)

  • Introduction (let the audience know the purpose of the presentation) [1 slide].
  • Describe the differences between an individualistic culture and a collectivistic culture [3 slides].
  • Discuss a sub-group of one of these cultures (ethnic, religious) [2 slides].
  • Explain how the differences in culture type and the sub-group can affect expressions of personality [3 slides].
  • Describe how this knowledge and understanding can have a positive impact in your personal and career interactions with others [2 slides].
  • Conclusion [1 slide].



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