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Research paper rough draft text is four to six full pages, typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font with APA
margins. Present ideas directly, but interestingly and compellingly that maintains a neutral and
objective tone. Be professional and non-combative when presenting the positions of different
researchers. Choose words that convey precisely what you mean. Be frugal with what you say and
say only what needs to be said. Avoid redundancy, colloquialisms, jargon, ambiguous or illogical
comparisons, and avoid anthropomorphisms. Use the appropriate personal pronoun to describe
what you did or found. It is preferable to use active voice instead of passive voice in your writing. Be
specific when discussing groups and individuals. Avoid using labels that may have negative
meanings. Be aware that appropriate racial and ethnic designations change over time and vary by
Be specific and sensitive when selecting racial and ethnic designations.
Avoid language that essentializes or reifies race (e.g., the Black race and the White race).
Do not use the word minority as a proxy for non-White racial and ethnic groups. Designate racial
and ethnic groups with capitalized proper nouns (e.g., Black, White, African Americans, Asian
Avoid unparallel designations (e.g., African Americans and Whites).
Do not use hyphens in multiword racial and ethnic designations, even if the words are used as
modifiers (e.g., Asian American participants). Avoid any kind of bias. Demonstrates a thorough
understanding of context, audience, and purpose with a clear focus on supporting an
argumentative thesis. Uses compelling content to develop quality paragraphs with good transitions.
The author’s position is clearly stated and maintained throughout.Very well-developed introduction
with a clear thesis statement. The thesis statement introduces the topic and clearly states the
writer’s position on a debatable topic. Essay has well-developed paragraphs that present evidence
and an opposing viewpoint with evidence to refute the counter-argument. All paragraphs contain
clear topic sentences. The conclusion restates the thesis statement using different words and ends
with a good concluding sentence. At least 5 credible sources have been used, cited in the body of
the essay, and correctly listed on the reference list. There are no errors in APA format. Uses graceful


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