Question: Fighting Stress

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  1. Read the article: Fight the Frazzled Mind. The article is in the content section of bellow
  2. Look over the APA sample paper which is in the content section as well.
  3. Title your paper….for example: “Fighting Stress” or “Fighting the Frazzled Mind
  4. Start your paper with the Title page
  5. The second page of your paper should include your summary of the article and what you think
    the author is trying to say.
  6. The next page of your paper should be the two ideas that you found most helpful from the article
    and how they apply to your life.
  7. The final page of your paper should be a reference page. The only reference will be the Fight the
    Frazzled Mind article.
  8. Be sure to do a heading for each part of your paper and be sure to follow the APA sample paper


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