Question: Gender role socialization Field Analysis Paper

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Identify an issue [topic] that interest you that we are discussing in this course
My issue is “gender role socialization.”
investigate how ONE media form (art, or music, or television, or movies, or poetry) represents the
issue you have identified
The media form is a poem. Barbie Doll by Marge Piercy.
identify multiple examples that are representative of the particular genre and time period that
support your premise
You must cite your sources both parenthetically and in a bibliography using ASA citation style. If
you have concerns or questions about doing this, please refer to the American Sociological
Association (ASA) reference guide
Again, you are looking at forms of communication to examine in the “real world” in order to look at
the course themes and how they manifest themselves.
Suggested Steps
1) Using our model you have already selected your issue and have placed it in the box labeled ‘Your
2) You have to consider what ‘Inputs’ precede or lead to your issue
3) You will consider the ‘results’ or outputs.
4) Using the feminist lens, you will consider the initial short-term outcomes, now, EXTEND and
APPLY your feminist lens to consider and identify the intermediate or mid-term outcomes
feel free to include any extended outcomes too.
Support your second media indicator with the evidence of short term outcomes. Support and
describe the evidence of these outcomes in your media.
For example, you may be interested in
1) sexual harassment as an issue.
2) What inputs precede (lead to) sexual harassment?
3) What is the result (output)?
4) Now, using the feminist lens, identify an initial, intermediate, and extended outcome.
5) Finally, thinking of the media that you frequently enjoy and with which you are most familiar, what
evidence of these outcomes to you see in your media analysis?
Media as Evidence or Indicator
Media (art, music, television, movies, poetry) are forms of social commentary. In this course we are
looking at a variety of topics, and this paper will be the first step towards your final paper, for which
you are investigating how media that YOU regularly observe (art, music, television, movies, poetry)
represents a viewpoint of one of the issues discussed in this course.
Selecting a SECOND media indicator, and limiting the examples to a particular genre and time
period allows you to provide additional evidence of this form of communication as a ‘real world’
statement of a course theme and how they manifest themselves.
For this Second Field Assignment, Choose a SECOND media indicator supported by one or more
examples (think of form, genre and time period).
For example: television, situational comedies, 2005-2015.
1) Write a 500 word field analysis paper examining how your example represents one of the issues
discussed in this course.
For example, if you are interested in one of gender differences in the workplace (e.g., earnings gap)
or one of the theories of inequality in the workplace, your paper would present the topic from a
sociological and/or feminist perspective (including references), then explore how that topic is
represented in particular songs, or poetry, or art, or movies, or television.
Specifically identify the issue of interest
Articulate why you are interested in this issue
Identify what form of media do you enjoy in which you might view this issue?
Poetry, Gender-roles, 1960-1975
Include the media form with the words of any songs, poems, and scans of art work used.
Apply the sociological &/or feminist perspective
Barbie Doll
By Marge Piercy
This girlchild was born as usual
and presented dolls that did pee-pee
and miniature GE stoves and irons
and wee lipsticks the color of cherry candy.
Then in the magic of puberty, a classmate said:
You have a great big nose and fat legs.
She was healthy, tested intelligent,
possessed strong arms and back,
abundant sexual drive and manual dexterity.
She went to and fro apologizing.
Everyone saw a fat nose on thick legs.
She was advised to play coy,
exhorted to come on hearty,
exercise, diet, smile and wheedle.
Her good nature wore out
like a fan belt.
So she cut off her nose and her legs
and offered them up.
In the casket displayed on satin she lay
with the undertaker’s cosmetics painted on,
a turned
-up putty nose,
dressed in a pink and white nightie.
Doesn’t she look pretty? everyone said.
Consummation at last.
To every woman a happy ending.


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