Question: Heuy Long Entertainment Analysis Paper

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The paper must be a Microsoft Word document. Any other type of document (Works, Open Office,
etc.) will result in a 0 for the paper. The paper must be typed. The paper should be formatted with 1-
inch margins; single spaced (spacing should be a “0” under the “before” and “after” sections); Times
New Roman; 12 size font. Papers must contain correct academic citation. Do not use Wikipedia as
a source. Papers that fail to use correct citation or do not contain any citations will be considered
plagiarized and fall under academic dishonesty. Sources must be indicated within the body of the
paper and in a works cited at the end of the paper (that does not count towards the paper’s length).
A minimum of 2 academic sources will be required for the paper. The cover page should include the
title of the paper and the student’s name. The student’s name must not show up in any other place
in the paper except the cover page. The title of the paper must not show up in any other place in the
paper except the over page. The paper should not contain a header. If a paper fails to meet any of
the formatting or length
requirements, then the grade will be severely penalized. I attached the rubic and an example as
29&sr=1-1-catcorr&ref=sr_1_1 this is the amazon movie.
This is website


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