Question: Leading Productive Teams Portfolio

A minimum of 10 pages not to exceed 15, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font,

using APA standard.

•A minimum of 8 pages (Pages 2-13), The first page, following the title page, should be a Table of Contents. Please list out all sections with their corresponding page number. Failure to include this page will be a 10 point deduction. Then, follow the list of topics below. Each topic should consist of 3/4 to a full page in information.

• Title page, running head, including title of paper, your name, course name and course

number, date of submission (Page 1).

• A minimum of 8 pages (Pages 2-13)

o Introduction of the need for Team Leadership training

o Diagnosis of problems and potential solutions in team leadership

o Discussion of current research on improving team effectiveness

o Include Communication, Conflict, Creativity, and Culture

o Include the Five Appreciations

o Discuss the Five Dysfunctions of a Team

o Discussion of evaluation of training effectiveness

o Brief summary of the biblical implications

o Proposed syllabus for the training (1-2 pages)

• A reference page (Pages 14-15)

• A minimum of 5 references are required, The Holy Bible, books and articles from

academic sources (Online Library), and other periodicals.


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