Question: Mutual Funds

Choose up to 5 different categories from the following types of funds (5 total):

  •   Large Cap
  •   Medium Cap
  •   Small Cap
  •   International Mutual Fund
  •   Bond Fund
  •   Precious Metals Fund
  •   Energy Fund
  •   Other Fund not listed would be fine
    Answer the following questions for each Mutual Fund: 1. Name of the fund
    2. What is the 5 and 10 year average rate of return?
    3. What is the Morningstar rating of the fund?
    4. What is the expense ratio, and other fees associated with the fund? 5. What is the load type of the fund?
    6. What is the Inception Date of the fund?
    7. Explain why you would invest in this fund?
  •   Use either Microsoft Word, or PDF format
  •   Project should be at least 600 words
  •   Include a title page that includes your name and title of project
  •   Save file with your first & last name in title. Example:Petra ray Mutual Funds



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