Question: “No Child Left Behind” Act

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Book use for this assignment: Title Public Health 101
Author Richard Riegelman; Brenda Kirkwood
Riegelman and Kirkwood (2019) point out that noncommunicable diseases represent the majority
of causes of death and disability in developed countries. However, for quite some time mental Order a Paper Now
health conditions/disorders were not treated as major public health issues when compared with
their physical/medical health counterparts (i.e. heart disease, cancer, diabetes…etc.) despite their Order a Paper Now
impact on one’s overall health.
For this week’s discussion board:
Discuss a mental health condition (i.e. major depressive disorder, schizophrenia, alcohol use Order a Paper Now
disorder…etc.) and its burden as a noncommunicable disease in terms of short-term/chronic
disability and morbidity. Consider its epidemiological transition and how it progresses.
Considering the preventative, curative, and rehabilitative approaches to that mental health
condition, discuss a population health strategy that includes the following (you can include current
available strategies to expand upon, as well as, your own ideas):
screening for early detection and treatment of disease (also, include when and where these can be
multiple risk factor interventions
identification of cost-effective interventions
genetic counseling and interventions
Social workers are the largest group of mental health providers within the United States when compared with the number of psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors…etc.). Lastly, discuss how
social workers would help implement your population health strategy and improve/reduce the
mental health condition and its’ impact on society.


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