Question: ‘One-to-many’ Analysis Discussion Activity

In your discussion, you will use third-party DNA tools to analyze autosomal DNA test results and apply the results of autosomal DNA testing to genealogical questions.

Using the ‘One-to-many’ tool at GEDmatch, the following close match is identified:

See Image in attachments

For best grading results and to shape the discussion, read the accompanying rubric before posting. Post at least one original comment and at least two thoughtful responses to classmates. The discussion board will open the first Monday and stay open throughout the module, closing when the module does. Posting your original comments no later than Thursday night gives your classmates time to respond and maximizes your possible points.

Discussion Question: What are some of the likely relationships of the test-taker to Julia Whitehallson (Kit ID #A035212)? Based on these results, what steps would you take to try to find the common ancestor(s) shared with Julia? If Julia fails to communicate with you, how might you discover more information about Julia’s genealogy?


Image Source: GEDmatch, One-to-many Comparison (<link is hidden> (Links to an external site.) : accessed 8 November 2015) (modified to change name and email address)


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