Question: Provide Strengths And Weaknesses For Each Research Method Using The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Research Methods Document Above.

Partial view of a ‘model’ submission

  Experiment          1) It is the most effective and reliable method to determine cause and effect relationship. 2) High degree of control over the variables yields results that have high internal validity. 3) Effects of different levels of the same independent variables can be studied and compared. For example; Manipulation of IV indicates cause and effect relationship. Increased control and accurate measurement. Standardized procedures; replication is possible.  1) The strong control a researcher has on the variables result in low external validity of the results, as they cannot be generalized because of the strong control in experimental settings. 2) Experimenter and selection biases may yield wrong conclusions. For example; a weakness is that if the experiment isn’t designed well, the resulting data may be useless.


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