Question: Psycho-social Factors in Health

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Psycho social Factors in Health
Although the United States spends more money per capita on health care delivery, statistics
indicate it is not a particularly healthy country. Over 50% of all preventable deaths in the United
States are a result of unhealthy lifestyle behaviors (AACN, 2006). As epidemiologists explore
essential questions such as how stressful life events and behavioral choices may influence an
individual’s health, society wrestles with the distinction of what is actually within the control of an
individual, and therefore relates to a personal responsibility for promoting well being, versus how
larger-scale efforts can modulate psychosocial risk factors that result in population health
In this Discussion, you will consider the connection between psychosocial risk factors and health
outcomes. As you review the research literature, consider how you have come across this issue in
your professional practice. As a nurse leader, what opportunities do you have to apply the
information presented this week to promote improvements in population health status?
To prepare: Please write under the following sub-topics:
• Review the Learning Resources, focusing on the influence of psychosocial factors on health and
• Locate at least two examples from the research literature of how these factors influence health. If
necessary, conduct additional research using a credible websites.
• Examine strategies currently being employed to address these factors, including health promotion
and disease prevention efforts.
• Ask yourself: How are these strategies designed to improve population health status?


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