Question: Psychology of Addiction

For this assignment, you will create a maximum 4-page document that includes an explanation of the purpose of relapse prevention planning, discussion of different types of relapse triggers, and proposed relapse prevention plan.

In your essay, assume that you are an addiction professional who will work the client in the scenario.

Explain the purpose of relapse prevention planning (briefly).
Describe the three types of triggers that can lead to a lapse (e.g., emotional, mental, and physical).
Using the scenario below and the treatment plan outline in your text (p. 435), design a relapse prevention plan. Include three different treatment goals that address the specific triggers in the scenario. Assume that you are his addiction counselor and seeing him after a series of relapses.
Scenario: Bob

Bob is a 22-year-old Caucasian, heterosexual male who graduated from college two years ago. He works as a real estate broker with a very successful company. During the last two years, he worked very hard to earn enough money to rent an apartment in a great area of town. To maintain his new lifestyle, Bob works over 60 hours a week, often through the weekends. This is the first time that he has lived alone and he admits that he feels lonely at times. Bob reports that he spent the first year of living alone trying to find activities to occupy his time when he was not working. He stated that during these lonely times, he struggled with whether he could start drinking again (he was in recovery), just one or two beers at a time. He remembered how that helped him “take the edge off” and eventually began to drink again. However, this did not help him relax the way he remembered.

So, to “blow off steam,” he began throwing wild parties at his apartment, inviting his old college and high school friends. He encouraged them to bring other people so that the apartment is full of people. During the parties, he drinks 6–7 beers, smokes cannabis, and occasionally “does a little molly.” This is not affecting his work or personal life, according to Bob. He reports that he feels great after these parties and thinks that celebrating occasionally is not hurting him. He also reported that during these parties, he began having unprotected sex and liked how “risky” it felt. Unfortunately, he has contracted an STD in the last month. Bob stated that he just must take medication for it, so it is fine with him.
Last week while driving to work, Bob was arrested during a routine traffic stop for possession of a bag (50 pills) of MDMA, which is a felony charge. He is mandated to treatment because of his past charge of cannabis possession (four years ago). He was mandated to 6 months of outpatient treatment for that charge. He must once again complete treatment as part of his probation agreement. He was sober for two years before this relapse.


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