Question: Security Risk Management

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The midterm is required to be 8-14 pages in length not including references and title page, single
spaced. Use the following guidelines for your paper: font = Times New Roman, font size =12,
Margins = 1” on all sides, and use APA format. This is an individual assignment; however, it is open
notes, open book, open source. Your paper should address the following items.

  1. Pick one of the principles discussed in chapter 1, define it, provide real world examples from real
    world companies, and analyze why that principle is important to risk management.
  2. Resourcing profiling is the first step of the risk management life cycle. Describe what is involved
    with this step, what challenges are involved with resource profiling, and use Georgia State University
    to provide real work examples of those challenges.
  3. Write a risk statement using the Equifax break-in as the basis for the risk statement.
  4. Pick one of the twelve core security services discussed in chapter 7, define the service, and
    describe how the service is used in a modern organization. As part of that analysis, relate the
    service back to its support of confidentiality, integrity, and/or availability.


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