Question: System Analysis Design And Internship DQ’s

Q1. For the three common methods of system interaction—command language, menus, and objects—recall a software package that you have used recently and list what you liked and disliked about each package with regard to the interface. 

●      What were the strengths and weaknesses of each interaction method for this particular program?

●      Which type of interaction do you prefer for which circumstances?

●      Which type do you believe will become most prevalent? Why?

Note: 250 words with intext citations and 2 references must.

Internship Course

If You are working in a company, then answer these questions.

Q2. Describe your workstation in terms of computer equipment and IT resources (computer tower, monitor, peripherals, printer, and so forth).

Note: 150 words with references must.

Q3. What kinds of general computer technology or equipment does the company use?

Note: 150 words with references must.


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