Question: The entertainment industry

Do web research on the following domain:
The entertainment industry. This may include music shows, movie theatres, fashion, nightclubs, sports games, festivals, amusement parks, etc. To make it more interesting, consider COVID-19 impacts to those areas.
Write up a report (about 1-2 pages)
What are the characteristics of the domain, statistics, trends, etc.?
Describe at a high level the main stakeholders and activities.
Describe some needs (gaps) or concerns in the domain.
Provide references for all cited sources. (at least 2 references)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have to be in a specific format? (MLA, APA, etc.) NO — feel free to organize how you see fit (sentences, bullets, etc.) Your writing must just be comprehensible and cite references at end of paper.
Double spaced or single space? — Does not matter as long as you answer all questions in HW prompt
Can it be bulleted? YES


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