Question: The Implementation of Teamwork

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In class we discussed how important cooperation between employees is for companies and other
organizations. We talked about teamwork and that many companies implement team-based
structures to improve overall work performance. You need to use at least one source (scholarly or
good quality mass media source) to answer the questions.
1.Describe in your own words what makes teamwork effective. Use an example for your
explanations and consider different factors.
2.A larger company wants to implement teamwork to improve work performance. They have a
diverse workforce in regard to age, education, experience, and ethnicity. So far, employees worked
individually on their tasks. Even though colleagues helped each other from time to time, individual
performance was valued most. Explain a step by step procedure how you would
implement/establish teamwork and how you would guide employees/teams on their way to
become effective team players. Your goal is to have efficient work teams within 12 months after the
implementation started.
(Tip: Step by step means that you probably don’t want to just tell employees that they have to work
in teams from now on. They need time and help because they are not used to “real” teamwork and
the company is probably not ready to provide all the necessary support at once – explain what you
would do, for/with whom, and roughly when within the 12 months time frame).
3.Explain at least 3 of the major challenges/problems you expect to see during the implementation
process, especially for team members to become effective team players. Describe what can be
done to overcome those challenges/problems.
The paper should be at least 1 1/2 pages long.


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