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I am to write about the United Nations, Global Governance, and Global Ethics with a Case Study of
Meeting Global Environmental Challenges and Moving Towards a Green Economy. Below is the
thesis statement I presented to the professor: It is no surprise that the world as we knew it no
longer exists. As we shift our minds to adapt to global change and obtain a green economy, we also
attain a new set of capabilities, in particular new job skills, modes of learning, management
approaches and research efforts. Action is needed to close the skills gaps in the green sector;
update educational institutions to better meet educational needs for sustainability work; train
people to better identify and respond to global environmental change; and encourage research to
address the sustainability challenge, all while keeping the economy also flowing.
This paper will evaluate the challenges we are facing doing exactly that, turning into a greener mind
in an economy-friendly way. I need to compare this with the current United Nations environmental
program called Green Economy and the challenges the UN will face as technology develops and the
population grows.
Throughout the paper I need to compare and use the following sources: John XXIII’s Global Ethics
in Pacem in Terris Bretton Woods Institutions Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ Summaries and highlights
of these readings can be easily found online, but I have also left the link to the readings in the
attached pdf.
The “CASE STUDY” in Part D of the paper will require extensive original research, including legal
research with citations from at least two (2) law journals. This Case Study must 1) analyze some
action-aspect of the United Nations, 2) critique any inadequacies of that action-aspect of the United
Nations, and 3) make relevant legal recommendations for improvement – again, all backed up by
legal research.

The paper must be at least 30 pages in length, have one-inch margins, be written in MS Word using
1.5 line-spacing and Times New Roman 12-point font, and be well researched with at least 70
footnotes in Times New Roman 9-point font with 10-point line spacing. Also, because of plagiarism checking,
be sure to USE QUOTATION MARKS EVEN ON BLOCK QUOTES. Otherwise the material
may be reported by the plagiarism-checker as plagiarized.


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